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Audit makes you shop
July 5, 2009, 10:26
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Audit makes me shop. Specifically, it drives me to spend. The weekend is here and to cap off a crap week (dealing with the mad client, the mad PP and every other mad thing about audit), I just HAD to shop.

CC does not need to be dragged to my shopping trips. 3 years on, we think along the same mental wavelength. Audit has strengthened our bond, made us less trusting of sharks around us and of course, made us into incorrigible shopaholics. I bitch about the bloodsuckers in my life daily to her. She does the same. So we both know when we NEED to shop. It is like getting my period. We usually get it around the same time.

So, we went to our favorite mall and I got…let’s see…

  • Dresses, can never have enough. I can’t be seen in the same clubbing outfit twice can I?
  • Work tops. Bloody first years make snide comments about the seniors’ outfits. Need to keep their tongues at bay.
  • Work skirts. I like love skirts. Even if they’re for work.
  • SHOES. ‘Nuff said.

My prime buy from Aldo…Loves it. 🙂