Audit Senior meets Audit Associate

Friday Nights Live
July 3, 2009, 11:41
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My current team was loser-ish up to the point PP left. The associate I replaced her with is this punk straight out of college. Full of energy and a motor-mouth to boot. He talks non-stop but is quite entertaining. Thanks to him, the other two quiet-as-mice girls in my team opened up.

He is quite the flirt so I think one of the girls has already taken to him. Tsk Tsk.

Anyway, I’ve come to realise that I often come off as a fierce tyrant at work and that I have a less-than-pleasant disposition. This team has worked hard so far and I sought out to make them feel at ease with me and soften my stance towards them somewhat.

Didn’t know if it’ll work so I told them let’s go out for some beers at the local pub across the building. Now, this pub is usually teeming with pseudo investment bankers but today it seemed they’d already receded to their alter homes or hankered after another waterhole. Which worked for us.

So it turned out really good. The girls really loosened up and the punk definitely worked his magic on one of the girls, or probably both, if I didn’t know any better.

I don’t usually like to chug down beer but I know boys like this punk are most at ease at a pub chugging beer so I got all of them beers and aha, I scooped up some juicy gossip among the first years as well. Whoa, this people are fast. Seems there are already two couples amidst the first year associates. Talk about fast movers!


Bloody weekend, thought you’ll never get here
June 28, 2009, 09:33
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Finally, the weekend has arrived. Work has been so depressing as of late that I really didn’t want to meet anyone from work today…or tomorrow…..or forever, if I really had it my way. Met the girls ( SH, Liz and LN) for a girls night out. Think I really needed it.

In my quest to not run into anyone from work, we decided not to go for our usual haunts. We went to this new club off the mainland. But it seems this goddamn place is so friggin small or others thought like me as well – cos I ran into at least 2 other people from my firm. What are the bloody odds?

One of them is this moron (QF) who had a guy seemingly attached to her hip before I spotted her and called out to her. She introduced me to the attachee, let’s call the loser Tom. I know the guy from my college, okay, not really on a first name basis but I mean, we obviously took a class together. He could have at least acknowledged our prior acquaintance. But he didn’t. He said he’s an investment banker now and made some small talk. He also made some lame jokes which caused QF to erupt into shrieky giggles. The girl laughs like a¬† hyena…or maybe worse.

Ok, here’s the thing. I get REALLY annoyed when people claim they’re investment bankers just because they work in an investment bank. It’s like saying you’re a mountain¬†climber just because your father climbed Everest or something. It’s really poseur-ish. I knew the guy in college, even though he makes no attempt to acknowledge it. He barely scrapped through, let alone have the calibre to remotely make it as an investment banker. For the heck of it, I asked, so you in corporate finance or u a trader or in sales. He said, er I’m doing settlements. Great, a back-office guy trying to come off as front office. Soon enough we’ll have losers like him running for president.

Anyway, so that obviously pissed me off and I was pretty much gone after 4 rounds of shooters, a couple of martinis and some weird concoction (I suspect a mix mash of screwdrivers and margaritas).

The girls also claimed I bitched endlessly about Tom and QF as if I had known them for ages. I don’t remember this part. I suspect it’s bullshit. Tom is as boring as dishwater. I can’t possibly have anything more to say about him other than that he is clearly a loser. And QF, oh well, whatever.