Audit Senior meets Audit Associate

These assets are not under audit
July 8, 2009, 11:07
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God, I could just strangle some clients…with my bare hands. My hands are pretty small so imagine the pent up frustration that is required to do the job. I always seem to get the dumb and annoying clients. Dumb clients are bad enough. Blood pressure shoots up.

Dumb + Annoying client = Coronary damage for Auditor

This dumb client I have now has no clue about accounting standards. He keeps asking me even basic questions. How do these morons even get the job???

“Is this a post balance sheet adjusting event”? >>> Go read the bloody standard.

“How do we adjust for it?” >>> I am not doing your work for you.

Idiot. Do I look like your ACCOUNTANT??? I’m your friggin AUDITOR. I audit your work. What’s the point of me doing your work for you and thereafter auditing it?

Added to the fact that he is as dumb as a doorknob, he is also friggin annoying. He’s left me 20 messages in my voicemail. The bloody firm gives me a basic minute mobile subsidy, it’s not sufficient to cover even a fraction of his calls to me. And he expects me to respond pronto pronto.

If all these aren’t enough, I also think he is a horny bastard. I’ve caught him staring at my boobs not once, not twice but THRICE already….and that’s today alone. I do not attribute it to the push up bra I was wearing (I was gonna meet Axl for a nice dinner after work so naturally I was dressed up) cos he’s done so on other days when I was wearing turtlenecks too. But he does it soooo discreetly and his eyes shift soooo fast, it’s difficult to ascertain for sure.



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[…] These assets are not under audit […]

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