Audit Senior meets Audit Associate

Tick and vouch as well as you can
July 7, 2009, 11:46
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Ok it seems my poor punk 1st year assoc. is in a bit of a rut. His manager spoke to him again today. In particular, it seems, she went through his appraisals for his first two engagements.

The poor boy was dumbfounded, given that all he had to do for those two short engagements was to vouch and tick – two things newbie associates are destined for. They’re either banished to the depths of a store filled with hundreds of invoices to vouch or given countless schedules to imprint lovely tick marks on.

Vouch and tick, vouch and tick, vouch and tick – does it get any more idiot-proof than this – NO. That’s the most clueless and brainless thing you can ask a person to do. And how exactly you can get appraised on that is beyond comprehension.

Let’s see some of the review points the poor boy got from his senior/manager:

  • Pls use the green tick for all totals. You have used the blue one unnecessarily
  • What did you vouch to?
  • Pls use the firm’s official tickmarks. “insert strange tick mark” is not known to us


Goals for the audit newbie:

Tick and vouch as well as you can….cos that is the only thing you’ll ever do….and you WILL be judged!


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